Membership of INOV.ORG

10 - 06 - 2021

Article written by: Vitor Mota

HCCT is, from now on, a member of INOV.ORG, Associação para a Inovação Organizacional, Association for Organizational Innovation. INOV.ORG is a non-profit organization and stands for its proactivity in promoting events and studies, within the scope of innovation, in business organizations context; being itself affiliated with EUWIN – The European Workplace Innovation Network. HCCT, also a promoter of business innovation, is now able to use the knowledge and resources of INOV.ORG in all kind of actions that will implement in its clients. This association will also allow interaction with professionals from the most different areas, members of both organizations.

We hope that this collaboration will bring mutual enrichment opportunities at different levels, for the various entities involved.