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Skills Development

Training and Consulting


We see ourselves as a strategic partner in identifying and defining procedures of Human Capital development, supported by personal excellence as a determining factor of organizational success.


Our mission is to optimize the internal and external procedures and the potentiality of Human Capital in organizations to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency to reach excellence.

Our Propose

Supporting people in their technical and inner growth on the path to continuous development towards success, self-realisation and happiness.



We base our actions on congruence with our principles and ethics; We maintain a superior dedication to the objectives set, honoring the commitments with our customers and maintain honest and sincere relationships with our partners.


We strongly believe in the reliability of our actions, activities and relationships with our stakeholders; We face the future with optimism and audacity, aligning our projects toward sustainability.


Our commitment and perseverance are demonstrated through passion and proactivity to create value for the organization and continually improve individual and team performance.

What We Do

We support Leaders in the growth of high potential teams using 3 vectors:
Giving Support to daily activities with process definition;
Helping in the analysis and search for solutions with dedicated Consultancy;
Developing training for daily tasks.

We start from an adapted diagnosis, using the HCCT® methodology, in order to implement projects and achieve the ROI planned by the clients.

  • Organizational Processes

    We support the Organizational Processes’ definition and reEngineering;

  • Teams and Technology

    Assist Leadership decisions about Teams and Technology acquisition or aggregation;

  • Talent Acquisition

    We assist on Talent Acquisition and Top Recruitment;

  • Analyze Behavioral

    Analyze Behavioral Profiles and Gaps that need development

  • Organizational Environment

    We study the Organizational Environment to produce oriented guidelines;

  • Training Solutions

    We design and develop specific Training solutions;

  • Leadership, Communication and Innovation

    We are specialists in train for Leadership, Communication and Innovation.

  • Provide “in-company” Trainers

    Provide “in-company” high-performance trainers;

Step by Step

Diagnose Mapping the necessary Skills Analysisof Gaps and Skills Diagnosisand Prioritization of TN Design Projects Project Implementation Evaluationof Projects
  • Diagnose

    Diagnose the organization’s circumstances and the possible need for change

  • Mapping the necessary Skills

    Mapping the necessary Skills for Organization’s functional processes on the Core and Complementary operations

  • Analysis

    Analysis of the difference between the existing Skills and those necessary for the Operation

  • Diagnosis and Prioritization of TN

    Diagnosis and Prioritization of Training Needs and/or other ways to develop the prioritized skills

  • Design Projects

    Design Projects to improve the competences defined as priorities

  • Implement and Manage "Projects"

    Implement and Manage "Projects" identified as priorities to developing skills

  • Evaluation of “Projects”

    Evaluation of “Projects” and all activities carried out

Training Assessment and Intervention Analysis