Talent Acquisition

20 de Dezembro 2023

Article written by: Vitor Mota

Your company have the needed People and with the right competencies in place?

The expression “Talent Acquisition” entered our lexicon and today we use it frequently, referring to the search and hiring attempt of the best professionals for our company or organization.

According to current philosophies, it is important to attract talent first, structuring and disseminating an image, with authenticity and coherence that makes “new professionals” attracted for inclusion and experiencing the company.

From here on out, disclosing an open position and choosing the person whose skills make the perfect match with the respective description is almost just following the guide of best market practices, most managers and leaders think. Maybe isn’t like that.

Analyzing current practices, we see that behavioral skills have gained importance in these processes to the detriment of technical ones, perhaps due to the time and cost associated with acquiring one or another kind of skills and their respective impact, on the environment and productivity, within the company.

The adaptation of these behavioral skills to the company's culture is therefore of considerable importance; however, the defined culture rarely matches with the culture manifested in daily leadership actions and procedures within organizations, which adds difficulty to the process.

Quantifying the cost of hiring a wrong person isn’t easy; several experts referring figures start with 20% of the defined annual salary package, without mentioning the deterioration of the company's image.

Finding a partner capable of analyzing all these variables, defining the right profile to the position, advertise according the current and prospective culture and also finding the best channels to select the “required” Talent, is crucial to hiring successfully and integrate the new employee and consequently for the company's growth.