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“The growing need for teamwork and platform share, suggest the ability to adapt and add cohesion to team rules.”


The need for human acceptance is recognized. Long dissertations were written on this subject that now gains new prominence.

The increasing need of work in multidisciplinary teams, often in different latitudes with reduced and more impersonal contact, ” intensify” the belonging need and exposes the difficulties of individual affirmation.

Finding the rhythm of “production” with shared responsibility, acceptance as part of a whole, that allow two or more people to “walk together” is the indispensable prerequisite for achieving the proposed goal.

It forces each person to realize that it is not their pace that is important but the pace of the team; you need to put your flexibility into action and tolerate when your peers are less assertive than expected.

Often, you may be called upon to present knowledge or tasks for which you do not feel completely at home, here the capacity, humility and motivation to learn will be decisive, even without decreasing pressure or speed in presenting results.

Keep compliance in every small detail, part of the whole, managing resources for organizational sustainability with a medium and long-term vision.

Teamwork is therefore the ability to work together towards a common goal. It is the ability to guide individual efforts and actions toward group and / or organizational goals. It is the engine that drives ordinary people to get unusual results.


“A successful team is a group of many hands and one mind”.

Bill Bethel