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3 July, 2018
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20 August, 2018

Researche ability | Methodological Competencies on I4.0

“To be able to identify reliable sources of information for training, learning, continuous development and / or confrontation with own ideas as a way of managing change in their one environment.”


Nowadays, the information available is in such quantity that the major difficulty is to distinguish the essential from the accessory; to differentiate the truth and quality of the contents from the constant bombardments of “fake news” which we are targeted with.

The sources used for research require different approaches, treatment and systematization so that they can become valuable knowledge and, therefore, tradable. The correlation of words and topics will improve the breadth and therefore the quality of the research.

The reliability of the information sought depends to a large extent on the Search Objective. Research or Personal Development? Rationale of ideas or Broaden horizons? Web resources or “bound paper”?

Information can be highly relevant to an individual and the same information may have no meaning for another.


The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research.

Duncan MacDonald