TeamWork | Social Competencies on I4.0

Mon 02/07/18


“The growing need for teamwork and platform share, suggest the ability to adapt and add cohesion to team rules.”   The need for human acceptance is […]

Leadership | Social Competencies on I4.0

Tue 15/05/18


“Increasingly accountable tasks and flattened hierarchies but especially networked structures, require each employee develop leadership ability.”   Much has been written about the need for better […]

Data Protection, new regulation

Wed 09/05/18


HCCT, in collaboration with IT Logic and Maia City Council, organized a Seminar on “Data Protection, New Regulation”, held on May 4, at the Maia Forum, […]

ISEP 2018mar14 – Industry 4.0

Fri 16/03/18


Learning in a good mood! This is how the seminar on Industry 4.0 was held last Wednesday at ISEP. After the opening and welcome by the […]