Association with INOV.ORG

Thu 10/06/21


HCCT is, from now on, a member of INOV.ORG, Associação para a Inovação Organizacional, Association for Organizational Innovation. INOV.ORG is a non-profit organization and stands for […]

tecnologia digital

Digital Competencies

Tue 08/09/20

ArticleIndustry 4.0

“The growth of digitized processes creates a greater need of safely and critically and for employees with the ability to use in the alarm of digital […]

The Error Excellence

Tue 23/06/20


It seems antagonistic and maybe it is. For a long time, companies have pursued functional efficiency and Toyota is responsible for the most part of it. […]


Effectiveness and Efficiency

Tue 21/04/20

ArticleIndustry 4.0

“Successively more complex issues need to be solved, at first attempt, and more and more efficiently, from the analysis of increasing amount of data.” I systematically […]