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Leadership | Social Competencies on I4.0

“Increasingly accountable tasks and flattened hierarchies but especially networked structures, require each employee develop leadership ability.”


Much has been written about the need for better leaders in this new century.

Usually, people approach this idea thinking that their boss must have more skills to lead. Again, if you put the problem in the other, while “I” can continue in my comfort zone. We think that vision must be the “I” as the center of development.

Few people have yet understood that this new millennium requires a reduction of structures; there are no more chiefs; there are Leaders and, as we have always said, Leadership is shared. This sharing happens within the framework.

In a team, the most responsible person knows that at any time another employee can find a better solution to a given issue and should be the leader in the process. No one will be doing better.

It is this ability, at all times, to assume a leadership that must be developed in the collaborators of all the hierarchical positions, conscious that nothing is definitive; a few hours after successfully process leading, may be leaded in another situation with lower or higher demand.