Understanding different cultures, especially mismatched work habits, when working globally, becomes crucial to achieve quality results.

In social environment, every day we cross with people from different cultures and ethnics.

Frequently, in our workplaces or specific projects, we must interact and point structuring directions with people from different habits and ways a seen.

Till some years ago, we would say that we should be tolerant with other ethnics. It’s not enough. Define global goals and share tasks and targets implicate to use assertive at any moment, since the very beginning communication up to implementation’s action.

But we should go further, if we look at history, from centuries, the most developed societies, has been the ones that had well received different cultures, integrated and construct above them.

Individually, when we admit learning with cultures that surround us we became more susceptible to develop different observation points of analysis and also new possible solutions.

This competence must be developed in a progressive way, as educational; also helps to fight the social inequality, it means, promote the gender fairness and the competence by himself.

Our cultural strength has always been derived from our diversity of understanding and experience.

Yo-Yo Ma (1955- ) French-Born American Cellist, United Nations Messenger of Peace