“Successively more complex issues need to be solved, at first attempt, and more and more efficiently, from the analysis of increasing amount of data.”

I systematically see people asking for efficiency in operations and processes; faster, less material, less waste, less operations, fewer errors, fewer refusals, less second services … more profit. It means, More competence.

Recently, in a client, I noticed that it is important to work on the process, but as a means to achieve the result.

Sometimes, in this constant demand, and even obsessed, overlooks the macro objective of the operation or the integration between micro operations and in it, so usually it leads to different final results in the aim of customer satisfaction.

It is necessary, as in pedagogy, to start by aligning the process with the result, this is, thoroughly define the overall objective and carefully describing out the exact tasks, which guarantee the fulfillment of the intended, even if initially, the time or resources used represent some waste.

The results maximization, must be done systematically and step by step, methodically, and in this particular, I advise the GRAF method.

This methodology will allow us to improve the production development, either by the time used or by the analysis of the technologies and materials used.

In this way, we were able to increase productivity and the consequent efficiency, without losing sight of the objective to which we referred above. This means that there is no efficiency without effectiveness.

“Calm, open debate, and logical thought drive strength to its maximum effectiveness.”

Billy Corgan (William Patrick Corgan) (1967 -), Composer, Singer and Guitar Player (Smashing Pumpkins)