ISEP 2018mar14 – Industry 4.0
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Data Protection, new regulation

HCCT, in collaboration with IT Logic and Maia City Council, organized a Seminar on “Data Protection, New Regulation”, held on May 4, at the Maia Forum, in the city of Maia.

The goal was to discuss the importance of the Security and Data Protection of companies and the changes that can transform obligation to advantage, with the new RGPD, EU 2016/679 of April 27, 2016.

The opening and welcome was made by Mr. Alderman of Territorial Planning, Mobility and Transport, Civil Protection and Municipal Police, Internal Audit and Administrative Efficiency and Cultural, Dr. Mario Nunes.

The first speaker, Jorge Pinto Leite, from Maia, professor at ISEP and head of the Center for Security and Privacy Studies, spoke about Privacy, the diploma now under consideration just with few days entrance distance, pointing out some gaps to be solved by the jurisprudence.

Dr. Miguel Peixoto, Director of Business Development of the National Pharmacy Association, as responsible for the implementation of ongoing safety procedures in the pharmacies linked to this association gave his experience and how the procedures can be applied in companies interacting with the participants and its applicability in Portuguese SMEs and from Maia region, in particular.

The permanent interaction of the participants with the speakers was a demonstration of the topic interest. To debate were joined the speakers, the also experts, José Nuno Sousa Pinto, who is part of the Directorate of the Portuguese Association for Data Protection, consultant for the area of privacy and data protection of several technology companies, and Ricardo Oliveira, part of Working Group on Vertical Specialization in CyberSecurity, of Technical Commission CT163 of IPQ – Security in Information Systems of the College of Informatics of the Order of Engineers (North Region) and also member of the Working Group responsible for the elaboration of the Informatics Engineering Acts.