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Cyber Security conscience | Technical Competencies in I4.0

“The virtual work increase in clouds and servers, requires a greater awareness of cybersecurity.”


Recently, the entry into force of European Data Protection Regulation has given rise to multiple formative actions of diverse nature in multiple quadrants.

Although the diploma was passed in 2016, a huge amount of companies and people, left aside the reengineering of processes required in response to the legal obligation and only in May did something.

The regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament, came to prohibit a set of abusive practices, more commonly of what we thought, has tried to show us that there is training to be done in this area, with the aim of keeping people’s personal and institutions data secure and confidential.

A good majority of people see in computer systems and software the solution to all questions related to data security. It’s not like this.

A global vision of surveillance in all processes is fundamental; the people and their development are fundamental in the construction of a relation thought for the client confidence and its overall satisfaction with all service.


If you want to build security, avoid straining people, but rather teach them to be vigilant and to long for customer trust and satisfaction.

Stephane Nappo