“All entities along a value chain must be involved as partners and equals, making themselves available for win-win situations, especially in companies with an increasingly work per project.”

When you look at history, a whole evolution, cultural, social and economic, is based on cooperation.

The current market demands complex and fast responses. A micro-company can only respond if it is organized with value-added partnerships and in large companies, each department is now managed with the rigor of a micro-company; in both cases, it is essential to think globally and develop specializations in partnerships where everyone wins.

Inside companies, employees and managers aligned, goals and strategies and join the necessary commitment to obtain quality results.

Sometimes, the mutually beneficial interaction does not always occur immediately; this require operations with compromise and committed actions, jointly with medium-term partners to obtain economic and quality advantages in the future, generating better products or services, both in manufacturing, distribution or trade.

We know that competition brings us faster development, which at some point may seem to counter the need for collaboration; therefore, we must be attentive and commit to doing everything possible to improve cooperation, especially maximizing the development of human capital, that will boost all other results.

“The path to greatness is along with others.”

Baltasar Gracian y Morales (1601 – 1658), Prose writer and Philosopher of Spanish Gold Century