“The individual perception of the conflict and company´s value proposition inclusion in negotiation process, promote effectiveness in its prevention and lead to a greater orientation towards the service, improving the relationship with the clients.”

Thinking on an embracing view, we can easily understand that a conflict of ideas can only arise in people who is motivated; that means, it does not appear in a disinterested person or someone without commitment.

Conflicts are frequently of ideas, methods or goals, personality conflicts rarely occur, contrary to what many people think.

Some leaders are betting on a solution like “top-down strategy” that apparently solve the situation, it’s true momentary but never as final.

The best way to deal with such situations is to start by sharing the whole story and being very assertive with words. In those cases, we should focus on the facts and the global interests of the department, direction or company that involves employees.

The people involved must understand that personal motivations, desires, agendas and ideas interfere with individual perception and often distort the view of the issue under discussion, and even more important, distort the solution that must be adopted.

Conflict, when handled correctly, strengthens.

Benjamin Watson (1980 – ), American Football player