Many of us would prefer that life could be black and white; isn´t like for that. So many times, our individual perception doesn´t have a chance to understand the situation; it are only required to accept ambiguity.

Every day we see ourselves in unclear situations.

In family, school or in our jobs, the daily challenges start with multiples variables that affect our decisions and interfere in the plans made to achieve our goals.

Our mental maps of values and pre-concepts make us evaluate thousands of inputs that come to us and forces us to adapt and search for the best decision now regarding solutions for the future.

Adding this, our attention is been called in and seduced, more and more, resulting in a big dispersion of possible directions we face at any moment; this enticement tends to agglutinate masses in trends as it was the right path.

Then, one of major difficulties nowadays is to implement our plans, do our daily routines and keep focused in defined goals no matter the situation, even if we don´t understand completely the big picture; we need to develop this capacity.

Also, inside our organizations, leaders and led people must be tolerant with different perception, keeping they eyes at results and perceiving we all see different and that should be enriching and not provoke scissions.

I look for ambiguity when I’m writing because life is ambiguous.

Keith Richards (1943- ) Writer and Musician