Cyber Security conscience | Technical Competencies in I4.0

Mon 10/09/18

ArticleIndustry 4.0

“The virtual work increase in clouds and servers, requires a greater awareness of cybersecurity.”   Recently, the entry into force of European Data Protection Regulation has […]

To Learn

Mon 20/08/18


Last week I referred to learning using commonly accepted ideas that making become learning easier, because … Doing several times gains dexterity, we develop agility; we […]

Researche ability | Methodological Competencies on I4.0

Tue 03/07/18


“To be able to identify reliable sources of information for training, learning, continuous development and / or confrontation with own ideas as a way of managing […]

Privacy Statement


Application Scope and Liability HCCT provides consulting and training services and has one of its commitments, the protection of people privacy and consequently their data, in […]