Conflict resolution

Tue 05/02/19

ArticleIndustry 4.0

“The individual perception of the conflict and company´s value proposition inclusion in negotiation process, promote effectiveness in its prevention and lead to a greater orientation towards […]

Deep Knowledge

Tue 22/01/19

ArticleIndustry 4.0

“The individual responsibility of any task at work and competence are getting more and more important, for this reason, the demand for deep knowledge is increasing.” […]


Mon 07/01/19

ArticleIndustry 4.0

“Assuming different roles and responsibilities in a non-permanent way improves the ability to accept opinions and ideas; when done in a balanced way facilitates communication, increases […]

Knowledge Transfer

Tue 27/11/18

ArticleIndustry 4.0

Companies need to keep knowledge within the organization; especially with the current demographic shift, explicit and tacit knowledge needs to be passed on directly from to […]